IT Solutions

SPA Resorts

Turism and health services integration


Our extensive experience in developing a wide range of software products involved with healthcare facilities management and hospitality industry has resulted in an integrated system that unites all aspects of running a successfull SPA business.

Taking the integration of our information systems Helix and Hotelier as a basis we have developed an IT solution especially adjusted to SPAs and similar healthcare facilities which, beside standard hotel services, also provide healthcare services with outpatient and inpatient treatments.

Leisure Industry

Cashless spending at fun places

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In cooperation with cashless payment and the resources access control equipment manufacturers we have implemented the solution that links entrance system, access and usage of the object’s resources and capacities, employees control, accounting records and statistical reports.

This solution is suitable for sport, bathing, ski and wellness & beauty centers and similar facilities where cashless paying model could be implemented and where Customer freely use resources and pay for the services either by using pre- or post-paid method.

E-Learning Solutions

Implementation, Customization, Administration, Translation, Consulting

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Excellent solution for any kind of main or additional education since those systems offer wide range of advantages in comparison to traditional learning methods such as:

  • remote access to the learning material
  • variety of the material
  • learning progress monitoring
  • fast and simple modification of the learning material
  • adapting the material to students’ needs
  • different types of testing procedures and joint communication
  • collaboration and learning process improvement