Software development services

IT technology know-how

In addition to our own products we have delivered large number of custom specific solutions for both existing customers and other clients.

We have successfully developed a range of complex business solutions and acquired significant experience with problems from various domains. Our team of developers was engaged as an extension to an existing team, working either as an autonomous entity managed by the client or as a team of developers managed individually by the cooperating team. That is why we can easily adjust, understand requirements and create reliable and solid solutions in agreed timeframe.

We offer services that cover all stages of software development process, including scope definition, requirements specification, design and development, deployment, support and maintenance.

Services that we offer to our clients are:

  • Custom Application Development
  • Software Product Engineering
  • Software Reengineering (improvement)
  • Software Migration (shift to another technology)
  • Software Maintenance
  • System Integration
  • Hardware Integration / Device driver development

Data and data modeling is at focus of our development. We have experience with very complex database designs and query performance tuning. Alongside using popular persistence frameworks like NHibernate, iBatis and LINQ to SQL, we have developed our own LINQ provider and persistence framework based on re-linq (lightweight, code-first, convention based, similar to Entity Framework 7).

Also, we have significant experience in graphical component development. We like our software to be performant as possible, easy to use and to looks great. Therefore we invest time in creating great GUI with high level of user experience.

Since our product line contains highly reliable POS solutions for hospitality and retail which are connected to wide range of different peripherals (POS printers, fiscal printers, scales, barcode scanners, magnetic and RF-card readers, PBX, PLC) we have gained broad experience with implementation of device specific protocols and direct communication with devices using RS232, LPT, USB ports, as well using network TCP/IP connections.

More, large client base and a great deal of customer demands gave us opportunity to work on number of applications and integrations with third party software using different types of technologies, from simple web services to custom plug-in implementations.

Key strengths

  • Enterprise software architecture
  • Data modeling
  • Performance optimization
  • GUI and UX
  • Device communication and protocols
  • Product development
  • Integration with third party software solutions


  • .NET Framework, Mono
  • MS SQL Server, Firebird SQL
  • C#, Java, C/C++, Delphi
  • Visual Studio, Xamarin Studio
  • AngularJS, TypeScript
  • NHibernate, iBatis
  • PHP
  • Android, iOS, Windows Phone development

Project samples:

  • Fund of Hedge Funds Data Management System
  • ProCredit Bank Transaction Transfer Service
  • ProCredit Info Terminal Software
  • EU Project "Boundless Borders", E-Learning System
  • RedPepper .NET GUI Control Library
  • SMS Gateway Server
  • Municipal Projects Manager (NGO)
  • Database replication services
  • Financial asset data management
  • PHP Project Management Portal
  • Desktop publishing tool for magazine production

Experience & Industries

  • Hospitality Industry
  • POS systems
  • Dental Care, Healthcare
  • Retail, Production, Accounting, Wholesale, Stock and Material Management
  • Equipment Automation, Device Drivers and Protocols
  • Knowledge and Information Management
  • Advanced Computer Graphics
  • Finance and Banking
  • Gaming
  • E-Learning