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Hotel Management

Following the trends of contemporary hotel business and recognizing hotel proprietors’ need to satisfy ever-growing demands of their guests, we developed the new version of Hotelier software, which uses modern technologies and means of communication.

IS Hotelier combines the functions of a reception and all points of sale, production, and storage, simplifying and modernizing hotel business.

It is designed for hotels, motels, lodgings, wellness and spa centers, and all other types of tourist, recreational, or therapeutic accommodations.

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Restaurant POS

Garson is a software package for management of restaurants, bars, hotels and other similar business.

With Garson, restaurant can manage points of production, sale, and distribution in an efficient way, and also leverage the advantages of modern solutions such as touch-screen monitors and Android devices.

Brand new Garson 6 is faster, more powerful and attractive with improved interface, extended reporting, software flexibility, integration with external systems, mobile ordering, android applications and new hardware.

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Medical & Health Industry

Helix is range of software solutions which enable seamless business automation in medical and health places and institutions.

There are three main products which serve as a base for all Helix solutions: Helix EMR (medical practice), Helix Wellness (fitness and beauty) and Helix SPA (rehabilitation clinics and resorts).

Regardless of different features, all Helix products enable keeping all information related to patients or clients in one place, available at the touch of a button. Every service, appointment, document, bill, image, and notification is filed so that together they create a comprehensive electronic multimedia health record.

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Dental Practice

Innovative information system for dental clinics and practices offering its customers a modern approach to running a dental office.

Treatment history, X-ray and OPT images, digital images, intraoral images document templates, allergies, alerts and notes, history of visits, reminders, quick search, patient photo and contact information, archive and backup are some of the features that enable seemless practice management.

Watch demo videos and see how software works:

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