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Cashless spending at fun places

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In cooperation with cashless payment and the resources access control equipment manufacturers we have implemented the solution that links entrance system, access and usage of the object’s resources and capacities, employees control, accounting records and statistical reports.

This solution is suitable for sport, bathing, ski and wellness & beauty centers and similar facilities where cashless paying model could be implemented and where Customer freely use resources and pay for the services either by using pre- or post-paid method.

How does it work?

Upon the arrival at the center the customer chooses the package of services (number of visits, additional options, time limits) and gets the medium with chip such as a wristband or RFID card that serves him for identification and paying within the facility.

Customer pay for the services either in advance (prepaid) or immediately before leaving the facility (postpaid) in which case the payment is made at the one of the POS cash register placed near the exit.

Entering the particular area of the facility is done by putting the customer’s wristband or card close to the special terminal where ID is scanned and neccessary information are read. After verification the customer is granted the entrance/exit and the charging is registered either by deposit reduction (prepaid) or bill increase.

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Chip is the ticket

From the moment the customer parks his car till the moment he leaves the facility it takes just one chip to control all actions: entries, wardrobe lockers, solariums, restaurants, massage rooms, swimmingpools and all others components within facility.

RFID chip integrated into the wristband or card enables movement trough all areas of the facility such as aqua park, spa, rehabilitation center, hotel, pool, wellness or fitness center.

Wristband or the card that contains the chip represent at the same time a ticket, an electronic wallet and a locker key. With only one data carrier guest gets unlimited access to everything you want to offer him, such as: wellness treatments, solarium, food and drink, equipment rental.

Besides system automation, data centralization and comfortable usage by the guests this system brings the profit increasement partially due to the appearance of spontaneous consumption and partly due to preventing unregistered trade.

Helix & Gantner solution garantees complete flexibility and is easily adjustable to each type of Leasure Industry facility. After the system is implemented it is possible to add extra equipment, terminals, software application and all other components that may be required during the time.

Customer benefits:

  • Independent facility and its areas entry/exit
  • Comfortable usage of the facility capaticies
  • Cashless payment

Owners benefits:

  • Resources are available only to the persons with valid accreditation
  • Great precision in keeping records of all resources and services provided.
  • Cost optimization through statistical data analisys
  • Significant decrease in administrative work
  • Facility and service modernization
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Besides cashless payment the system offers the solution for the problem of occupying the wardrobe lockers and taking care of their keys since wristband eliminates the possibility of losing the keys.