Helix SPA - Solution for SPA resorts


Example IT configuration

Our extensive experience in developing a wide range of software products involved with healthcare facilities management and hospitality industry has resulted in an integrated system that unites all aspects of running a successfull SPA business.

Taking the integration of our information systems Helix and Hotelier as a basis we have developed an IT solution especially adjusted to SPAs and similar healthcare facilities which, beside standard hotel services, also provide healthcare services with outpatient and inpatient treatments.

Helix SPA provides record keeping of all patients regardless of the type of the treatment they are receiving. Also, it contains all the neccessary reports and provides the option for automatic formation of the electronic invoices for the health insurance company without using any other software.

It requires only one-time data enty. Regardless of the part of the system they are stored in, the data is accessible at any given time.

Main features

  • Stationary and ambulance
  • Household running and maintainance
  • accommodation
  • reports and statistics
  • Reservation system
  • bookkeeping
  • restaurant pos
  • cashless charging (ID cards and wristbands)
  • wellness
  • integration with external systems (electronic locks, iptv, telephone exchange)
  • material and supply control


doctor using medical software

Electronic medical record

EMR files enable joint keeping of various patient data: basic information, doctor's findings, examination data, x-ray images, photos, documentation, receipts, finance and treatment appointments.

If there is a need for invoicing health insurance company for the services provided, Helix will automatically generate and send electronic invoices. It generates electronic invoices using already entered anamnesis (case-history) and ambulance files.

Integrating with the resource management system, therapy attendance could be implemented by using patient electronic wristbands or ID cards. This is especially useful for facilities which deal with elder people or rehabilitation centers.


Information system offers a wide range of special settings options such as document layout definition, displaying data subset definition, detail-specific access control management, interface customization an so on. Also, Helix enables creating of the users’ document templates which then automate filling and printing of the doctors’ reports, findings and treatment plans.


With this high-leveled customization settings Helix is easily adjustable to employee habits and work needs of any kind of facility or institution.

New appointment

Appointment scheduling

Fully-featured graphical presentation coupled with easy search options makes scheduling process more organized, precise and significantly faster. Creating appointments is quite intuitive and resembles the work with standard scheduling notebooks. However it is much easier and faster to cross find vacant periods for selected doctor and room/facilitiy/treatment.

As well as other parts of the system, this module also offers a range of options such as: layout and interface customization, possibility of overlapping appointments and their removal, creation of automatic reminders for patients about the changes and scheduled appointments.