Fast E-Learning and digital classrooms implementation

E-learning potential

E-learning system is an excellent tool for any kind of main or additional education since those systems offer wide range of advantages in comparison to traditional learning methods such as: remote access to the learning material, variety of the material, learning progress monitoring, fast and simple modification of the learning material, adapting the material to students’ needs, different types of testing procedures and joint communication, collaboration and learning process improvement.

E-learning systems are not just intended for educational institutions which primarily deal with teaching activities, but for all types of facilites/institutions/companies. Wherever there is a need to train new staff or to improve the existing knowledge this type of systems become necessary.


  • Hardware (procurement or consultation regarding the purchasing of server computers, classroom computers and equipment, networks, other electronic devices)
  • Administration of the server containing learning material and other related databases
  • Logistics (external servers, security, access control, backup)
  • translation (module for fast software translation)
  • Additional requirements implementation (customer specific features and additional LMS modules)
  • LMS adjustments to the requirements of the facility/institution
  • Design of the software interface and learning material
  • Didactic material creation
  • System Administration on all levels (institution, user, courses, material)
  • Training for E-Learning system using (courses, seminars, lectures, consultation)
  • Maintenance, improvement and modernization
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Our solution is bases upon an ILIAS which is one of the world’s recognized open source platforms for web-based learning and teaching.

  • Multifunctionality - it can be used as a tool for learning and teaching, testing, communicaton, cooperation, knowledge storing and trainings.
  • Detail specific and precise administration
  • Fast specific upgrading proccess
  • Content standardization (the first open source project which is certified as SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004)
  • High level of security
  • Widespread (over 5000 known installations)
  • Continuous development
  • Open source with GPL licence

For more information about the system visit www.ilias.de