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We are an independent software company that focuses on providing business IT solutions and software development services.

Over the years, our efforts have been concentrated on developing various custom software solutions for our clients, as well as development of our own products.

Our product line includes enterprise solutions for hotel and restaurant management (Hotelier, Garson POS), an ERP solutions for small and medium enterprises (Manager) and healthcare management systems (Asistent, Helix). These products are currently being used by more than 1000 companies and by more than 10,000 users on a daily basis (customers).

The projects that we have been engaged on by our clients include development of core banking applications, funds of hedge funds software solutions, data quality management, mobile gaming solutions, custom component design, data mining, data warehousing, parallel algorithms, e-learning solutions and various desktop solutions.

Areas of expertise are comprised of software product engineering and custom application development for Microsoft.NET, Mono, Android, and iOS platforms. Also, we have a substantial experience in system integration and hardware integration, due to our day to day contact with more complex system implementations, such as hotel business and banking solutions (Pay TV, touch screen devices, cameras, specialized printers, card readers, ATM machines, display systems etc.).

2D Soft doo (Ltd.) was founded in 2002 in Novi Sad, Serbia with the aim of delivering quality software products and services to its customers. Today, company employs 25 people with different competencies and education level. Our headquarters is located in Novi Sad and we have a branch office in Belgrade.